The Sukkar Barrage, River Indus, Pakistan
Barrage Construction & Rehabilitation: Flood Management & Irrigation Control

  • Barrage Gates for River & Estuary Flood Management
  • Irrigation Control Systems
  • Implementation of New Projects
  • Re-Habilitation of Existing Projects
  • Associated Civil Works & Infrastructure
  • Engineering & Consultancy

  The Kotri Barrage, River Indus, Pakistan. US $25m general refurbishment contract including fabrication/ installation of 44 new barrage gates and 20 new canal gates, electrical system, road bridge, canal gate piers bulkhead gates, piled mooring, slipway and handling pontoon with tug, and pier load transfer members.

<< The Sukkar Barrage, River Indus, Pakistan. US$35m contract to rehabilitate the irrigation barrage and head pond regulator structures. The workscope included replacing 56 river and 111 canal gates, barrage strengthening, electrical and telecommunication systems, and 66 reinforced concrete countweights totaling 5,000 tones.