The benefits offered by steel roof trusses are now well recognized in the building industry. Reduced on-site labour, rapid erection and the virtual elimination of call back maintenance have resulted in an increasing use of light weight steel trusses in Malaysia. Functionality and cost effectiveness are twoi key objectives in today's building construction. With such high specfications, we are introducing you our improved version of K-Steel™ NEWSTRUSS SYSTEM. With this system we offer you a total steel roof solution in terms of supply, design, fabrication and erection.

Engineering & Design Department
Advance planning can save time, cozt and result in a better appearing job. Using K-Steel™ NEWTRUSS SYSTEM we can do all of that. K-Steel™ NEWTRUSS SYSTEM is created by qualified and experienced steel structural design engineers using the latest engineering softwares that adhere to up to date edition of British standard or equivalent. Our design department is able to produce design with fabrication detail, truss analysis and material list. This system can minimize the wastage of material that can result unsafely environmenrt at job site. Minimal wastage means minimizing the cozt of steel material.

Fabrication Department
Prefabricated roof trusses can offer the builder several signifcant advantages. The prefabricated roof trusses are fabricated inside the factory under a controlled environment where work can proceed regardless of weather conditions. The truss fabrication is easier and faster with the trusses laid down in horizontal position. Trusses are assembled in one place by an experienced crew working with the right equipment under controlled condition make the quality og the trusses better. Every trusses alos will be inspected before delivery to job site. The major benefit to prefabricated trusses system is speed of the erection. The installation of our K-Steel™ NEWTRUSS SYSTEM is 4 times faster compared with on-site fabrication and erection. The overall time & costs saving will be even greater.

Installation Department
Erection of steel trusses at site is made simple and faster with this prefabricated roof truss system. K-Steel™ NEWTRUSS SYSTEM prefabricated trusses are easier to handle and hassle free, what more they are clearly labeled and ready to be assembled eith direction given by trusses Layout plan and they will minimize any human error at site. The system comes with shop drawings, supervisions and the design is being endorsed by a professional engineer. To alleviate your problem, we also provide our accredited installer to contruct your roof trusses.

Manufacture's Steel Truss

Choice of Material

K-Steel™ NEWTRUSS SYSTEMis designed to the British standard or equivalent, comprising of steel components manufactured from BHP G550 high-tensile Zincalume® steel material or CGI Steel complying to japanese JIS G3302-SGCH (Z22). Both under the correct application will resist corrosion and preserves qualityof the material over time giving a minimum service life of 50 years, subject to the compliance of the relevant building codes and accepted good building practice. All K-Steel™ NEWTRUSS SYSTEM components are of high-tensile steel with minimum yield strength of 450mpa. The material has been certified as non-combustible and has achieved Kelas 'O' as in accrodance to AS1530 Part 1&2 by Bomba.


We are synergized locally. The design engineering and specially made roll-forming machine is customized to suit local and other regions requirement using0.60mm - 2.00mm thick Zincalume® or galvanized high-tensile steel, rolled or formed into studs, roof trusses, battens or purlins and fabricated in a controlled factory environment, ensuring a finished product complying to engineering standards.

Adjustable Fascia Bracket
Triangle Grip
Fascia Board
Apex Plate
Adjustable Fascia Bracket
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